We love our labradoodle pets. Labradoodles are one of the most desirable breeds of dogs combining the friendly outgoing nature of the Labradors with the high intelligence and hypoallergenic Standard Poodle. Bailey, the friendly smart, miniature AKC red poodle is the father, and Trixie, the mother, is our fun-loving affectionate, high pedigree, English Labrador.  We are a loving family and Trixie is our family pet. Bailey, the father, is the pet of our good friends. Trixie is 2.5 years old and an amazing dog.  Labradoodles are the cutest most well mannered puppies around. They love children and play with our children  a lot. Our puppies are well socialized. We will only rehome them to good adoptive families who can give them appropriate love and care. Thanks to all for your interest. You will love these puppies. 

Let’s have some fun. Oscar loves to play and delights in being petted. Saskia likes to play with Oscar. He will be an absolutely stunning red marked labradoodle with a great personality that is very calm and  laid back yet playful. In this picture our little special guy, Oscar, is 4 weeks old.

Found a Forever Home
Adoption Fee: $2000

Good family photo 2016 color.jpg


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